Essaouira Hotels

The Tourist’s Ultimate Guide to Staying in Essaouira

Essaouira Hotels : The Tourist’s Ultimate Guide to Staying in Essaouira (Mogador)

Essaouira Hotels : the tourist's ultimate guide to staying in essaouira

Essaouira: Wealth of the past and present.

Essaouira (aka. Mogador) is a charming port town of Morocco.

Its mythical walls strangely reminiscent of the city of Saint-Malo, and for good reason since both were designed in the 19th century by the same architect; the French Théodore Cornut, a disciple of Vauban.

The history of Essaouira goes back much further, to Phoenician times she kept the name “Mogador” derived from “Migdol” which means “small fortress”.


Rooted in history, located in a bay with a unique climate and open to the world, Essaouira offers a tranquil and rich living environment at a time.

The visitor never tires of its “souks” with endless surprises, its long flat beach and extent is such a finely woven carpet, its port abundant of delicious cheap fish, its ramparts, at every moment of the day, reveals a new secret …


The people of Essaouira are very hospitable.

The visitor will not feel foreign so people are accustomed to tourists. Even at the level of communication, the French and English languages are fairly commonplace in hotels and shops.


Essaouira hotels : your room is open 

Tourists visiting Essaouira city are very spoiled when it comes to hotel choices: “Riads”, guest houses abound.

You will find accommodation that suits you, according to your purse and taste.

Yes, Essaouira hotels are by dozens, they are found in every corner of the city.

They are classified from one to five stars. Every hotel in Essaouira has its own identity and charm and the prices generally are very affordable.
The trip from most hotels to the beach will not take more than 10 minutes drive, prompting most to go on foot to enjoy the “Medina” and admire the ancient streets with their blue doors, their eccentric Bazaars, their galleries and beautiful “Gnaoua” music.
Whether you like Kitesurfing or other water sports, golf, or you simply prefer sunbathing on the beach and take an orange juice in a café whose terrace touches the sand.. Hotels in Essaouira allow their guests a multitude of activities and programs to make the stay in the city an unforgettable moment in their lives.
If you are looking for Essaouira hotels for your next trip, our website offers this simple search tool to make the task easier saving you your precious time.

This search engine is complete simple: Enter the day of your arrival and your departure, and if you are alone or accompanied and hotels corresponding to your request will be displayed.

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Enjoy 😉


The Tourist’s Ultimate Guide to Staying in Essaouira


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